Obiectivul cursului il reprezinta imbogatirea, aprofundarea si perfectionarea cunostintelor lexicale si gramaticale precum si dezvoltarea deprinderilor studentilor de a se exprima corect si usor, oral si in scris in limba engleza.

Teaching methodis Headway – Oxford – a course for adults and young adults who want to use English both accurately and fluently. Grammar and vocabulary are taught and explained thoroughly and all four language skills are systematically developed. Headway Intermediate and Upper – Intermediate bring the student up to the level of Cambridge First Certificate.

Key features include:

·Comprehensive coverage of the tense system and verb forms.

·Highly systematic skills development work

·Authentic material and tasks to bost students - confidence in dealing with real English.

Level required for enrolling with the Intermediate course: see the curricula

- level 1 – Beginner

- level 2 – Elementary


Limba Engleza Modul 1 – Incepatori

Limba Engleza Modul 2 – Elementar


Communicative functions – Topics and vocabulary – Language focus

1. First meeting - Introduction – English language level assessing. Revision.

2. A life in the day of Linda McCartney (reading)

Listening for specific information and transferring American and Russian weekends.

Form filling. Present Simple/Continuos. Habits and states. Activities in progress.

3. Television programmes – Highlights

Television page of a newspaper. Plus, minus and interest points of T.V. (discussion – pro/counter arguments).

Like doing/like to do. Verbs that rarely take the continuous. Qualifying adverbs. Fact and opinion in descriptions.

4. Narrating past events

A biography/A court case. A disastrous holiday. Wife who could not stop spending.

Past Simple/Continuous.

5. Asking people to do things – offering help

Nationality stereotypes. An old lady who travels the world. Expressing requests and offers. Linking devices.

6. Future intentions

Life in the 21st century – living in the skies/Life in China. English food. A formal letter of enquiry. Future time – will/going; to/first. Conditional/time clauses – word formation; – ed/-ing adjectives.

7. Describing people and places

Conforming to different human groups (society). Appreciating a poem. Comparatives and superlatives. What’s … like? What does he look like? How is he? Antonyms with prefixes and suffixes.

8. A job interview

Giving news of recent events. Roleplay – getting a bank loan. Informal letters. Present perfect simple and continuous. Sequence of tenses.

9. All you need is love

The man who could turn back the clock. Past Perfect. Reported statements and questions; get bring/take come/go.

10. Real and unreal conditions

Dreams and reality (if I were). Real fears. Conditional sentences – all types/Prepositional phrases/Fact and opinion in descriptions.

11. Revision – progress tests

12. Hotel rules

Please and thank you. Modal verbs expressing: – ability; permission; obligation.

13. In the red – Newspapers headlines

News report – The alense ofpersonal information stored on computers.

National heroes – King Arthur; Robin Hood

Passive Voice. Antonyms. Synonyms. Linking devices and markers of opinion.

The students are provided with all the necessary materials needed for attaining the aim of the course: – printed lessons/exercises, CD.

Cursul se organizeaza in timpul saptamanii sau sambata si duminica (in week-end).


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